Saturday, April 4, 2015


Everyone, yes EVERYONE, has stressful days. Whether you walk the halls of Palmetto as a student, teacher, administrator or work outside of our comprehensive community based school in Pinecrest, Florida, you have stress in your life. Sometimes while you're white-knuckled and red in the face and about to crack, something makes you smile. And for that split second, everything is better. That's what I'm here to write about. While juggling school, sports, sleep and my social life, I like to emphasize the moments in my day that remind me why I'm working so hard, and I hope by writing my blog I make your day a little brighter. Enjoy my days blissful bits.

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  1. I absolutely love the whole idea behind this blog. Not many people take the time to step back and reflect on at least one good thing that happened to them and it really does take a toll. This reminds me of the "100 Happy Days" Project or something. Can't wait to read on!