Friday, April 17, 2015

Look out for the Little Things

   I'm finally getting over my severe pink eye and today was my first day back to school since Monday...keep in mind it's Friday. Anyways, my eyes are still extremely red and swollen. While walking through the halls today and in various classes, many people have stopped and asked me if I was okay. I didn't realize until I got home that it looks like I've been crying all day. After saying "Yes I'm fine, it's just pink eye...", they all took a big step back. While I am well aware not everyone reading this can relate with their own current pink eye situation, you should keep in mind there are signs throughout the day that show you are loved and cared for. Maybe they don't say "I love you" or "you really mean a lot to me and I care a lot about you", but that doesn't mean they don't say it. It's things like "wear your seatbelt", "I'll give you a hand", "are you okay?", "it was nice seeing you", and much, much, much more. Sometimes we get so caught up and wound up in our personal stresses that we tend to forget how many people are looking out for us and our best interest. Breathe, relax and remember all the signs throughout the day that show how much people care about you.
Look out for the little things.
"How are you?"

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