Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lime>Chipotle & the Summer Countdown is Here

If you have never been to Lime, a similar style restaurant to Chipotle, then I genuinely feel bad for you. Today, after my first trip to Lime, I bit into a 400 calorie, fattening, but God crafted burrito. Well worth it. I went with my fellow blogging friend, Chrystal. (Check her out at Although Lime is in BFE and quite further than our neighborhood Chipotle, it's sooooo worth it. Also, their queso is A1. If you go with Chrystal you can hear first hand how her gringa self pronounces it: keh-so, not kay-so.
So my early release day was spent stuck in traffic watching my newly-licensed friend suffer from extreme road rage, going hard to Drake and god knows what other artists, and enjoying (to say the least) my first ever Lime burrito.
Pretty good, actually pretty great, day.
And on an even better note, 34 days until summer.
Which means 34 days until I'm on a plane with my brother and grandparents on my way to the beautiful London and Paris.
I couldn't be more excited.


  1. The fact that I'm in this blog makes me the happiest gringa ever!! Thanks for this friend

  2. wanting to go to Lime but seriously am not up for it being in BFE. thanks for letting me know it's good though! lvd the honey in this blog too

  3. youre making me crave lime. stop. not. cool. once again morgan brings light and darkness into my life at the same time.