Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beyond Blessed

   At 7:20 AM when I walked into my Journalism 1 class, I sat down and spent the next 53 minutes watching a documentary on poverty in the United States. While it wasn't my ideal way to spend my morning due to the fact that it was honestly depressing, it opened my eyes and made me realize just how amazing I have it. Amazing is an understatement, too.
   I'm constantly surrounded by my supportive, inspiring, loving and healthy family and friends. I have a beautiful house to call my home. And a wonderful life I get to call mine. I've always been grateful for all that I have, but it wasn't until today that I even realized all that I had. I have a fridge with food always in it, air conditioning, cars and clothes. 
   Even more than that, I'm beyond rich in things money cannot buy. Friends. Family. Health. Love. And the list goes on. I have parents that have gone to extremes to make ends meet for our family. Especially during the recession in 2008, our family was greatly affected. I was young and my parents didn't tell me exactly what was going on. My dad lost his job three times, our house was under construction and my mom was sick, and I didn't even realize how much my parents went through. I guiltily can admit I didn't feel personally affected by this but that's all because my parents took it all upon themselves to keep us feeling secure and safe and happy. 
   Continuing, no matter what, I hope you can recollect and think about how much you have in your life. For a minute forget about materialistic things. Think about the love and dedication that is spent in honor of you. I hear my dad come in from his office at 11 at night and I know he's out there working to keep my siblings, mom and me all happy. There are so many selfless acts people take to be there for you and we don't even say thank you half of the time. Give your parents hugs and kisses and tell them thank you for everything they've done and will continue to do. And keep in mind half of their sacrifices for you, you will probably never know about. 


  1. Yeah I should probably go thank my parents for that as well….

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  3. Great post! I gotta say that I felt the same way while watching the documentary. It's shocking when people complain about new phones or other stuff, and never appreciate what we have.
    The other day while crossing the Us1, I saw one homeless guy who was sitting on the grass. I was on my way to Mc Donald's so I decided to take him with me, we ate together, he told me things that I would never forget. One of those words, "you made my day". It's amazing what a few words can express